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While I may be a glutton for punishment at times, most of the time I do appreciate 'easier' games simply due to the fact that after a long day at work I'm not interested at getting overly frustrated with a game, instead having fun with it. On that note, more games should be like the latest Warioland: it's not incredibly hard to beat, but it has plenty of challenges to offer if you chose to do them. They are also better than mere "achievements" since they're not nearly as arbitrary or pointless.

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Corbie wrote:

. I don't get to finish on the first run through, I don't get to finish period. Sadly.

Sounds like a personal problem to me.....
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Back on topic.
We've seemed to bounce around a bit on the topic, so I'll do my best to figure out what's actually the discussion at this point.

Nintendo's big market is to the general audience and that has proven to be golden. Personally, I would like some deep RPG's with a good back story, but that's what I have a DS for. However, I don't have 80 hours to play a game anymore. So what I look for is replayability. Games that even if I don't beat them, I could start from the begining again and not care that much. Pikmin to me has high replayablity, but isn't overly difficult either. I've beaten both 1 and 2 quickly, but found myself wanting to play again anyways (throwing Pikmin at monsters is a blast, you have to admit).

I would like to see more side scrolling games and I foresee this to be making a comeback.

So with today's hectic schedules of working, going out with friends, and taking care of kids, I want a game that's FUN and enjoyable versus difficult and incredibly long.

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