Topic: Did Wii Live Up To It's Codename?

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I think the Wii most definitely lived up to its codename. I can't think of another console in history as revolutionary and influential. The Wii wasn't a mere graphical upgrade (and as a matter of fact, as we all know, it didn't even live up to its competition in terms of power) but instead it changed the way we could play games and put motion controls — love em or hate em — on the map all across the business.

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The Wii was a true revolution,and the Wii U will have a hard job to better it.

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The Wii has been a revolution it that it made motion controls a real option that people actually paid attention too. Motion controls were out before but the Wii polished it to be a REAL new form of playing a game. Gaming has changed because of the Wii, like it or not.

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If it was suppose to, it would still be called Revolution.



The Wii was definitely a revolution. It changed the video game industry more than I think any company has ever done before. Its possibly the biggest difference they've made since the 85' revival of video games with the NES.

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