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When I had my Nintendo 64, after Saturday cartoons my friends and myself played Mario Party two to death, not only that but the mini-game challenge mountain was by far one of the hardest they made. Mario Party 5 was also interesting especially with the car combat game it had.


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Heh, probably Mario Party 2.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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That would be Amazon if they made a final Mario party with mini games from the previous ones.(no, I didn't mess up when I said amazon)

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@icymario Great idea. I had that one before. They could include "retro" minigames from previous titles and put them in. Or maybe make them DLC.

Anyways, I'd have to say that Mario Party 4, 5, and 6 nailed everything that made Mario Party a Mario Party game. They all had fantastic minigmaes, memorable music, fun game boards, and an overall great feel and presentation. Who could forget the epic Bowser fight from Mario Party 5? It's also worthy to note that that game had an Official Prima Strategy Guide (along with MP8). Mario Party 6 had the charm and fun feel the others slightly fell short of. And Mario Party 4, even with the weaker board game gameplay, had some of the most fantastic minigames ever coupled with briliant instrumentation in the music. Mario Party 7 was the last decent Mario Party game.

For Mario Party 10 they should have the following characters be playable: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette, Wario, Waluigi, and Koopa Kid. AND THEN have previous hosts playable: Brighton, Twila, Toadsworth, Tumble, and lastly Ballyhoo with Big Top. The ultimate hosts of the game would be the Millennium Star as well as the Dream Depot Stars. Then have remixes of retro board, menu, minigame, and explanation screen music. For the minigame explanation screens the remixes should be random, as in Smash Bros Brawl with the stage music. And then bring back the best boards and minigames from prevoius installments in addition to new ones. Then they should bring back capsules and character-specific capsules. They single player should have single-player exclusive maps perhaps in the same vein as in Mario Party 6. Have the game boards have the blue/red/happening spaces like in the old installments. The modes would be Party, Solo, Minigame, Shop, and Options. Perhaps they should have a minigame paying tribute to the Super Duel Mode in Mario Party 5, and maybe somehow pay tribute to the Mic...maybe have it appear in the background or something. There should also be a compilation of Bowser battles from previous installments, as well as one ultimate one. Ultimately, they should make Mario Party 10 the Super Smash Bros of Mario Party games. That's what needs to be done. Long post over.

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I know one else thinks it but y favorite by far is Mario Party 6, love the tree board, and really fun minigames!

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Mario Party ds was rad

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@BandG and @Titanics, you are correct, Mario Party 6 was the objectively best Mario Party. There was a study on it and they found it to be the best one. The board designs, mini-game designs, music composition, and graphics proved to be the most pleasurable to the human mind. It hasn't made the Internet yet, but it exists. I think.

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