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So there has been a lot of complaining about Mass Effect 3 being on Wii U without the first two, but most (maybe all?) of the ports on Wii U are also sequels in series that Nintendo-only gamers like myself have never had the chance to play before. So what are they like to just jump into? I see a few different categories. There are games like Mario in which playing earlier games is completely unnecessary. There's Zelda where you might miss some inside jokes or nods to previous games (running mailman showing up as different characters, attacking cuccos, etc.) but your enjoyment of the game won't be diminished at all. There's series like Okami or Zero Escape where while although perfectly playable and enjoyable, there are enough of the same characters, locations, and connected storylines that your enjoyment will probably be at least a little diminished if you don't play the originals first. Then there's Mass Effect in which the games are so connected that you will probably be completely lost if jump in at 3 and are better off not playing it (or so I've heard). So where do the other Wii U ports fit in? I'm mostly interested in Batman and Darksiders. Thanks.


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I know Batman is perfectly accessible if you're going in playing without playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, since that's what I did. As for how good the port is, look at reviews. I don't know about Darksiders 2, but I do know that the story in the first game wasn't exactly necessary to enjoy the game, so there's that.

As for Mass Effect, keep in mind that the game comes with the interactive comic that gives you backstory and allows for past decisions to affect your journey. People are more complaining because you can buy the trilogy for the same price as Mass Effect 3 for Wii U on the other consoles. Suffice to say, if you own a 360/PS3/powerful enough PC, then you should get that instead.

I've heard that BLOPS2 is a perfect port, where the only thing missing from the other versions is live-play. Thing is, you have a lot more gameplay options now, so that ends up working out pretty well, especially if you're at all into local multiplayer.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is a better game now, and quite frankly, Ninja Gaiden's story has never mattered. You'd be fine just jumping in.

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