Topic: Wii U on sale in South Africa at a dozen places for R1000

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"According to information received from Toys R Us stores, the Wii U 32GB Premium Pack console with the Nintendo Land game bundled is priced at R1,000 and will be available from 30 May 2013 while stocks last."

$1 about equals R10
So the Wii U premium with Nintendoland sold for about $100, new record ?

The good news is lines were actually formed and that most places sold out the moment they opened.

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Lol, that's crazy if true. I remember seeing the regular Wii for around 2800 when I lived in South Africa.

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I tried to track down one of those systems going for a R1,000 but without success. My local store sold 11 units this morning before they ran out of stock..

I paid R3,000 for my Wii back in 2008 here in South Africa. Going price for a Wii U Deluxe is R4600 (about $460).

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