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Is there a recommended Wii U Golf game? I saw one that is bundled I believe, but is there one better? Also, is there a single most poular Wii sport game out there?
Thanks for helping the rookie. I got it all hooked up last night. I like that I can change the TV and still play the console or walk into the other room. It's great.



I think we have to wait for the eventual Wii Sports Resort U in 2014/2015.

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I was just looking more and it seems that there is an espn sports connection that has golf. Is that not correct?



That game got terrible reviews. I'm waiting for Tiger Woods PGA Tour to return. Best sports video game ever.

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Put a Copy of Wii Sports in your Wii U,and play that version of Golf.

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ESPN Sports Connection has golf, yes. That game is not THAT BAD for the current pricetag. Its not that great though either.
I would wait for Nintendo to release Wii Sports U.



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