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I posted this on the official tech forums, but since nobody has answered, I decided to put this here. It'll be apreciated if you take your time to read this.
When I play with any of my Wii Remotes on my Wii U they randomly turn off multiple times.

It started about two weeks ago when I was trying to play Skyward Sword. The controller randomly started to turn off multiple times, and a message popped up on the game. The controller was still synced with the console, I had to press a button and wait for it to turn on again. Then I had to recalibrate the controller every time this happened (because of the Motion Plus thing). Later I was playing Pikmin on Nintendo Land and the same thing happened, my controller turned off, a message popped up on the game, and had to press a button to turn it on again. It is really annoying when this happens every 10 to 15 seconds. Sometimes it doesn't do this for some minutes and then it happens again.

I have 3 Wii Remotes, one with Motion Plus (bought it on March) and two really old ones. I tested two of the three controllers: the one with Motion Plus, and one old one (I didn't test with the other beacause the batteries leaked and was too lazy to clean it at that time). So first, I thought the new one was defective and tried with the old one, and the same thing happened.
*NOTE: I tested both controllers with the same batteries that were changed in the moring of the same day (they were new).

Then I thought it was my Wii U, but the weird thing is that there were no problems with the GamePad or Pro Controller.

The next day I changed the batteries on both controllers, and everything seemed to work perfectly. I played Skyward Sword for a couple of hours, it did turn off once but it didn't do it multiple times like the other day.

For two weeks until yesterday everything had been fine with no problems. Then it happened again. I thought my Wii U was causing this problem, I was thinking of sending it to repairs but I don't live in the US and accorinding to Nintendo people with consoles only live there... Anyway I decided to test with my old Wii and the same thing happened!

If it had only happened on my Wii U then I would think the Wii U is the problem, but it also happened with my Wii. Maybe the controllers are defective, I would be okay with that if it was only the old one, but the new one?!?!?! Come on, I bought it 6 months ago!

Today I cleaned the other old controller with the leaked batteries and tested it. I got the same problem!

All of my 3 Wii Remotes have the same issue. It isn't because of the Wii U or Wii because it happens in both of them, and the GamePad and Pro controller work perfectly with the Wii U. I also don't think all of my controllers are defective.

Is it possible that the kind of batteries that I'm using make the Remotes not work properly?
They were "full" whenever I tested with them, I didn't use the same batteries, but they were of the same kind. I'm not sure when we bought them, maybe about a year ago, and came in a package of like 40 of them.

Any troubleshooting tips or responses are appreciated.

Later today I'll get new batteries from the store and of a good brand and will update with the results.

Thanks for your time to read the dictionary I just wrote above, and I hope I was clear enough.



My Wii remotes do that occasionally, but, if I recall correctly, I noticed it happened when I squeezed it really hard. You might want see if you're holding really hard, and try holding it just a little looser.

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I'm pretty sure I'm holding it correctly.



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