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Okay, I know this has not been announced or has been released.
But wouldn't it be cool if it was real?!
If you have any ideas for stuff, list them here!

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Rhythm Heaven U would be great! I really enjoy Rhythm Heaven Fever!

Wubba dubba dubba, that true?

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I also thought of this a while back before the Wii U launched. I mentioned the possibility of it in an old article I wrote some time ago.

I'll post some of it here, if that's cool.

Utilising slightly tweaked touch-screen controls in conjunction with its motion control capabilities could make for a fresh new angle for a Rhythm Heaven game. Not to mention that if it could also make use of the Wii U’s asymmetrical multiplayer gaming capacities, we could get a melodious local co-op experience in some fun, simple yet expansive mini-games for up to five players – for example, one player has the GamePad (with which the controller played the main rhythm), and up to four other players wield Wiimotes (with which the controller(s) played a combined back-up rhythm).

Imagine using the GamePad to alternate between tapping cymbals and drums using the touchscreen, and having a supporting player or two using their Wiimote/Nunchuck combo to simulate playing guitar notes in the background – it’s an expanded Rhythm Heaven experience with other familiar game elements integrated. This could introduce comfy multiplayer gaming at a very fine angle for Rhythm Heaven – it’d be a new aspect for the series entirely. It’s a neat concept, especially with the myriad of simple possibilities of combined touch and motion controls, and a whole TV screen to fill with the amiably colourful hand-drawn artistry that is Rhythm Heaven – undoubtedly a potential favourite for families who are fans of the big screen.



Hopefully Rhythm Heaven 3D and U don't come out extremely late into the system's lifespan like the GBA and Wii ones.


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Wouldn't mind,but I remember Beat the Beat,didn't do the well in the UK.

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