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Is it possible to access 100% of the game content with just the Swappable characters (and maybe older generation characters)?

I remember seeing a promo video ages ago which showed bonus areas in the levels and it left me with the impression that additional new non-swappable characters with various hexagonal icons on the bases were the only ways into those areas. Looking at the new swappable characters, they also appear to have the same icons, so does that mean it is possible to get into all areas with just the swappables?

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To get 100% on the game you need skylander of each element (any kind) and one skylander of each movement type (Swap Force). The movement types are:
*Rocket: Blast Zone (Fire), Boom Jet (Air)
*Climb: Wash Buckler (Water), Spy Rise (Tech)
*Speed: Magna Charge (Tech), Freeze Blade (Water) ~
*Teleportation: Hoot Loop (Magic), Night Shift (Undead)
*Drill: Grilla Drilla (Life), Rubble Rouser (Earth)
*Stealth: Trap Shadow (Magic) ~, Stink Bomb (Life)
*Spring: Fire Kraken (Fire), Rattle Shake (Undead)
*Spin: Doom Stone (Earth) ~, Free Ranger (Air)
Characters marked with ~ haven't been released as of writing. Only the swappers have the icons and can access the areas, not normal "core", lightcore, reposes, or Giants.

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