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So its been a good bit with Miiverse and Wii U Chat has been online. Has anyone ran into pervs or someone showing their d****? Most females on there if they're asked why they don't Wii U Chat they always say(or 90% of the time),"always gotta look out for pervs). Hell even one girl I Wii U chatted with say I was the first not to make a pervish comment about her figure.

So sound off below.




I don't feel that video chat is really meant for talking to random strangers. If some random wants to chat with me, I decline.

I'm sure what female gamers there are get harassed plenty by people on miiverse wanting to video chat. Seriously, I keep seeing posts on random games from a guy saying "Hey any girls want 2 video chat??" Yeeeeah that already seems a bit pervy to me.



We've already got a thread for people getting weird random chat requests here, guys. please feel free to continue this discussion there, though if you are ever in a situation with someone showing their privates over Wii U Chat, please report them to Nintendo proper — we at Nintendo Life can't do anything to help you fend off those sorts of perverts. thank you! :3

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