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This morning I looged onto my Wii U and saw that I had a friend request. When I opened the request, I noticed something odd. In the "Last Played Together" sections it said that I had played Need for Speed: Most Wanted with him at 9:31 pm on October 4th. This struck me as really odd because I hadn't played Most Wanted for about a week, and at the time that the request said I had been playing Most Wanted, I was working on finishing Mass Effect 3's single player campaign. Beyond that, I even looked at my recent player history, and he was not there.

I just wanted to ask, has this happened to any one else?

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That is pretty wierd. Any chance someone else in your family was using it?


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It makes for one hell of a boring creepy pasta story, and that's about it.
Probably someone else you know playing the game, or just a bug.

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