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My parents were doing a sub for santa for a less fortunate family in their area. I saw the list that the mother provided with a few toys and things. The ten year old boy had some fun things on his list and about half way down I saw "Disney Infinite for Nintendo Wii U." I asked my mom if she had got that one and she said she didn't think she was going to be able to get that one. I couldn't let that happen. I could see his face on Christmas after all the presents had been opened and him not getting Disney Infinite. I remembered how much fun I had when I was his age playing new SNES games. I remember a lot of Christmas's based on the system and games I played with my brothers and friends. That boy needed this game, I had no choice but to chip in a make it happen. I hope 20 years from now when he is my age he can look back and remember how much fun he had playing with his sister and mom.

Hoping everyone is having a magical Christmas time.

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That's the spirit of the season. And God's message. Putting the happiness of others before your own.

I hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas as well.

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Less fortunate families that can afford a Wii U??? Ok I stop that



@Reynoldszahl agreed I think OP should check first and see if the boy has a Wii U. But still a really kind gesture nonetheless.

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If Nintendo=Christmas then I am no longer celebrating it.

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BadKitty wrote:

If Nintendo=Christmas then I am no longer celebrating it.

When people only read the title and not the post

I always love to hear stories like this.

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Video games and Christmas go together like pies and whipped cream.



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They do have a Wii U...I am dumb...but not that dumb.

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