Topic: Nevermind the visuals, Star Fox Zero's overall gameplay seems underwhelming

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I was excited to see a return to form for Star Fox on Wii U, and the potential of Platinum Games on board seems like it can give the series a gameplay overhaul. But once I saw Star Fox Zero I was very disapointed. Nevermind the fact that it looks like yet another upresed 3DS game (because the Wii U hasn't had enough of those already). But considering this is THE Platinum Games that developed Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising, The gameplay looks too... how should I put this, slow paced?

A big reason why I don't like Star Fox as much as others in it's genre is because it's gameplay always felt a bit too safe. After playing the dazzling rollercoasters known as Kid Icarus: Uprising and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Star Fox feels like a leasurley kiddie-ride in comparison. So I was expecting Platinum to revamp it's gameplay to make it more over-the-top and intense. But looking at what I saw, it looks like the same slow-paced choo-choo ride as Star Fox 64.

This is disapointing because I expect better from Platinum Games. I was expecting them to turn Star Fox into the same dizzying rollercoaster that made me love Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. But like most Nintendo's Wii U games, it lacks that kind of ambition and instead once again, just plays it safe. If Nintendo is going to continue Star Fox, they have to be willing to let it's gameplay be more intense and faster-paced. I want Star Fox to invoke the same adrenaline-fuelled, fast-paced, Rollercoaster-esque, twitch-gameplay of Sin & Punishment or Kid Icarus: Uprising.



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