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I know why do we need another port of this game. If the game was done right it would provide an experience that would be different from everyone else. For example

1.You could you use the gamepad to look 360 degrees and look at the screen to light a match or twist a handle.
2. You could use it the gampad is on the floor and you use the wii remote to twist a handle.
3. Wii remote direction all on its on similar to Zack and wiki on Wii
4. Any thoughts

the game was originally made by Cyan Worlds.



As much as I adore this game, I feel that it needs put to rest already. I found it to be a surreal experience when I first played it on pc, but it admittedly hasn't aged too well. Anyone picking it up for the first time in the present or the future would probably find it to be a joke comparable to Superman 64...

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The problem is no developer wants to take the time required to make a good port of this game, so if there's a port for the WiiU, it will most likely be as lazy and hastily-put-together as it can be. Not to mention expensive.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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what I'm talking about is realmyst which is full 3D world to explore with sunsets and weather patterns. I wish someone could do this game right in a port.



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