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Aviator wrote:

If you want to feel bad, feel bad for my nephew. I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee.

I'll forever be mad at my brother for naming my Niece Sabina I call her Sabrina all the time and get yelled at by her and her parents -.-

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Electricmastro wrote:

I doubt you are the only human being at your school who plays on Nintendo consoles, but in the case that you are, move away from those people and ignore them, and if they keep pestering you, inform this to a teacher. Those who bully you don't matter, and those who matter don't bully you.

Tried everything but this is everyone. I am stuck

If you are being bullied, you need to talk to your parents, to a teacher, to a counselor, to an adult. Nothing will change by telling strangers on the internet, only by telling adults and authority figures IRL can things have a chance to change for you. Good luck!

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