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Are the game communities random when you turn on WiiU? Most of the time I see Nintendo Land, NSMBU, ZombiU etc., but some times I see Trine 2 and Nano Assault. Also, do the Miis in the plaza show people online and playing at that moment?

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There's an option in the Miiverse settings that allows you to change the display of games in WaraWara Plaza by switching between three options: all games, games for kids and teenagers, and games for kids. So, yes, the displayed games are for the most part random, although Trine 2 and Nano Assault showed up more when I switched to "games for kids and teenagers" while more mature games like ZombiU show up in "all games." Apps like Youtube, Amazon Live Video, and Netflix seem to show up regardless of what you do.

As for your second question, no.


Thanks for the tip!! I had on my list of todos a way to figure out how to remove ZombiU and a few of the non-kid friendly games.

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Thanks DestinyMan. But what do the Miis under the games represent...people that have posted comments? Over the weekend I saw some of the same Miis all they change?

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I'll keep my new question in this thread - just to keep things tidy. Let me know if this is ok!

Is there a way to track discussions that you didn't create, but just commented in? All I'm able to see under recent activity are the threads I started.




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