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Are the game communities random when you turn on WiiU? Most of the time I see Nintendo Land, NSMBU, ZombiU etc., but some times I see Trine 2 and Nano Assault. Also, do the Miis in the plaza show people online and playing at that moment?

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Thanks for the tip!! I had on my list of todos a way to figure out how to remove ZombiU and a few of the non-kid friendly games.

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Thanks DestinyMan. But what do the Miis under the games represent...people that have posted comments? Over the weekend I saw some of the same Miis all they change?

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I'll keep my new question in this thread - just to keep things tidy. Let me know if this is ok!

Is there a way to track discussions that you didn't create, but just commented in? All I'm able to see under recent activity are the threads I started.




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