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Wed 14th Nov 2012

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Cyber_Canuck commented on Talking Point: The Realities of Wii U System M...:

Hey guys - first time poster. Love the site!

As I'm reading this article, Gamestop calls me:

"We're sorry to say that your Deluxe Wii U pre-order won't be here on launch - Nintendo short shipped us".

Unsure if I should wait in line at the big box stores, I told Gamestop I would take the Basic model. I don't think I'll regret it (fingers crossed). I'll be far too busy with single player retail games (on the Wii U and PS3) to play Nintendoland. Additionally, I figure that the white will just look more old school and get less prints . Obviously the memory is the big difference - but I usually buy my games on disc and if I need something else for storage down the road, so be it. I think it's too risky to pass up this basic pre-order, no?