Topic: Favorite January Nintendo Direct anouncements

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My favorites were Zelda Wind Waker HD: Wasn't able to play it on Gamecube because of lack of space in my Memory Car
Also its Zelda in HD

Yoshi Yarn: Can't wait for something new and this looks amazing and I loved Epic Yarn

Last but definitely not Least
X[ Monilith Soft's New game ]

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Loved Xenoblade so far, it could possibly be my favorite game of all time so of course I'm excited for this.


I'm pretty sure everyone's already discussing their favorites, CrimsonFire13 — we don't need yet another thread for the Nintendo Direct, do we? Please feel free to post your thoughts to any of the existing threads — here's one if you'd like to join them in their discussion. Thank you! :3

future of NL >:3
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