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1. I love my Wii U. I also own 2 Wiis and a Gamecube. I do not hate Nintendo.

2. I want the Wii U to get the appreciation it deserves in terms of reputation and sales.

3. I don't understand why Wii/Wii U accessories (e.g. Wii remote+,) are so expensive. The Wii U, with it's v.Wii feature, is a brilliant family/party option, but if someone wants to buy in to it, buy 4 x wiimote+, 4 x nunchuck, 4 x pro controller etc. then that's a lot of money (currently £400 if you buy that lot at The Wiimote tech has been around for years now - why should it still cost £35 for one wiimote+? These additional costs influence system buying decisions.

4. Because of the lack of general Wii U sales, those that are committed to the system are getting squeezed.'s current price for the Wii U pro controller is £50!!! Scribblenauts Unlimited is £43.

Nintendo's refusal to cut the price of it's hardware and ensure that there is adequate supply of physical copies of games is letting retailers exploit committed Wii U fans.

I recommend playing Wii U games wholeheartedly... but it's a little harder recommending the system to those who don't own one because we're getting shafted due to lack of supply. Perhaps this is inevitable with a system that has flunked sales-wise and so I should expect all this, but Nintendo seem to be doing very little to encourage me to support another system.

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Wii accessories were never cheap. It has little to do with the WiiU.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Meowpheel Don't know who this user is but this is a copy/paste job of an old thread.

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