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Hello guys!
I was looking for a well-frequented Nintendo-Forum online, and so I found this site here!
I've got a problem with Zelda Majoras Mask i downloaded 2 days ago. (legal download, i paid for it!). I am playing this game the first time!
I know, MM is famous for it's strange ways of saving the game file, but after researches online i think i know how to save the files.

So I started playing, got the ocarina back, traveled back in time (this means, I saved my game) and continued on playing. I did researches in the city and travelled across the lands and later I turned off my Wii after I travelled back in time one more time. (this means, the game should be saved).

But yesterday i wanted to continue, I started from the point I travelled back in time the first time. So, i lost things as for example the bomb bag or i still was a Deku-Kid....

I thought of I did something wrong with saving, so I continued playing and got to the swamps. There I found an owl-statue and saved the game there (I know, it's only an "emergency-safe-point", but I didnt want to travel back in time one more, so I did this. I turned the Wii off.
Today in the morning, when starting, I still have to start game from the point I travelled back in time first time - that means:
Deku-kid again and I've reached nothing -.-

Although I have to say: Noone except me played on that Wii-Console.

What do you recommend?
You see a mistake on my way of playing that game? or maybe software is broken (download went wrong) - should i delete and redownload?
I'm a huge Zelda-Fan (and of course, Link :] ) and I really want to play that game - without buying and old N64...

Thanks in advance!

btw. sry for my english, I'm from Austria!



Yeah thx, I'll try that.



How are you turning off your Wii? Are you pressing the power button, or cutting of all power i.e. flipping a switch that controls a plug, or unplugging the console.
I have the MM download, and it won't record your save unless you turn off the Wii via the power button on either the console or the remote.

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Whoa, thats a strange thing you're saying.
I really have to admit that I have no clue how I turned off the Wii.
The way get it's power by a multi-way-distributer (is this correct???).
Sometimes I turn my Wii off via power button on the remote, but also sometimes, when I or someone else doesn't continue watching TV, I turn off everything by hitting the "universal switch"...

Interesting thing, I'll try this out. I don't really understand why it works in that way, but we will see...



Do you exit to the Wii Menu before you turn the Wii off?



I have Zelda Majora's Mask on Wii Virtual Console and it works quite fine so probably is an issue of your console

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@ KingMike:
No, I don't do this.
There are only two options for me:
Turning of by pressing the power button on my remote or hitting the switch on the multi-way-distributer...

I played Zelda - OoT (also VC) and I never have had any problems with my saved files...
Really strange.
But I'll try an going to Wii Menu and then turning off via power button.... May it works.

e/ Whatever exactly it is - it works now.
I'm using the procedere: Travel back in time - Go to Wii Menu - Turn off Wii via remote - turn off electricity.
Now it works.
Really strange game.

OoT VC worked wihout any problem.... -.-

Thx for all answers!

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It is an strange problem. When I always play my Wii or Wii U I always go to the Wii menu and do power in the wiimote to off the system. Maybe try to download it again.

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