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If you want to save without playing the Song of Time,hit an owl statue with your sword. It is a suspension feature,but once you start playing the game again,the suspended save state is gone. It works fine if you use it right. As for glitches,most of the time the game runs fine. However,I had a problem with the game. The main problem is when I was playing in the Deku Palace,the screen got real small for a few minutes. This was at the end of the 1st night,but when the 2nd day came,it the screen went back to normal. Is the small screen normal? Also,I had another question. When you play the Song of Time,do you lose your bottles?

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The screen does get a little smaller each time you hear the clock chime at the end of each day and that is natural. It did that on the N64 game. Also, no you do not lose your bottles, but you lose the contents of the bottles.

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Tony wrote:

I had the same question. I played last night for about 90 minutes and could not find any save feature on the menu. So it looks like you can't save until you get the Ocarina and you cannot use Owl Statues until you become human Link

Which, for future reference, is pretty much the same thing (you get the Ocarina, travel back to day one, and are immediately taught the Song of Healing so you can become human). It shouldn't take 90 minutes to reach that point, though. If you know what you're doing, at least, you can skip a lot of the first cycle dancing with the scarecrow after you run out of objectives for the cycle.

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