Topic: Yume Penguin Monogatari (Penguin Dream Story)

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Ah yes, more Japan only Famicom games. I just played this tonight, and man what a strange little game! You're going around as a penguin trying to lose weight for your girlfriend or else she'll break up with you but some evil penguin dosen't want that to happen so he tells his henchmen to try to make you fat again by throwing various foods at your mouth! Strange indeed.
The gameplay is even stranger though in that you have to avoid the food and collect drinks to get skinny! Come on, what is up with that! n You also have this shooting stage where you are in this airplane avoiding food missiles trying not to get fat!
I'd have to say that this is a strange little game Konami made and it should be on the VC. So, what are your thoughts on this quirky little game?

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woah....this looks like the raddest game ever! Konomi made the some of the coolest nes games...



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