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Topic: Super Noah's Ark 3D SNES

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Kinda an odd unlicensed game but plenty of people want it in their collection and to those who do I thought I would let them know that it is being produced again.!/~/product/category=0&...

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I didn't realize there was a demand for this...

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Isn't that that Doom clone? I think AVGN played this one during his Bible Games episode.

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It was a (reportedly) licensed (by id, but not Nintendo) mod of the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D.




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I only know this game through AVGN... it's utterly ridiculous. If I remember correctly, you have to put a real SNES game on top of it to get it to work...!

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It's because of the lockout. I heard Nintendo may have blocked that workaround in later SNES consoles (was probably most noticeable in the US for stopping the Game Genie from working, though I'd guess it was most intended to stop those "illegal copying devices" they kept talking about in the later game manuals).




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KingMike wrote:

It's because of the lockout.

This. The NES had this problem too but 3rd party companies were able to figure a way around it.

I had this game as a kid. It was a little bizarre to have to place another game on top of it since it was the first time I had ever seen that (the NES has some Australian games that do this called HES, so it wasn't a new method). The game was actually a lot of fun though. It was very Wolfenstein in the sense of playing it (pretty sure it was just a clone). Lots of secrets and the later levels were incredibly hard. My brothers and I got great enjoyment out of the game and I remember a feeling of satisfaction when I finally conquered it. I would suggest everyone at least try it. It's not really as bad as some make it out to be.

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