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Anyone ever listened to this? I think it's a good listen. They are usually about an hour to 2 hours about retro goodness. I've just started tuning in. It's a biweekly podcast from I think its a very entertaining show and they have some interesting topics so far. I started tuning in on the Mario topic on there last episode. There newest is about the ZX Spectrum. The podcast that is in between the every other week retronauts airs is Active Time Babble, an all rpg discussion podcast, which is awesome as well. Never was a fan of 1up, but these podcasts are some of the best game podcasts around. Behind Nintendolife's of course, nothing beats Prosody's soothing voice and I just love his accent



I have to be honest I tried listening to their podcast but I was turned off by some of the language and immature talk. Their pocast on the Sega Master System was terrible. It seemed as if they knew nothing about the console. Maybe I'll try again and give them another chance I suppose

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