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I just received the NES Top Loader that I bought off of eBay. I am loving it. I love playing Duck Hunt and NES Tetris after not being able to play them for 15+ years. It is a little weird that there isn't a eject button, I am a little worried about damaging the system while removing a game. Hopefully that won't happen.

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I have one also. The games getting stuck is the only problem I've had. I'd recommend pushing lightly on the system while pulling the cartridge out. The NES2 is supposed to actually improve on the first system.

1. You no longer have to push the cartridge down, which would eventually wear out the mechanics of the system and potentially bend the disk out of shape.
2. The switches are less likely to wear out than the old buttons

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You think THAT looks like a toaster?

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I agree, the top loader is way better. I am loving playing my old NES games. I just bought RC Pro Am and Tecmo Super Bowl, games I have always wanted, but never got for some reason.

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I like the Top Loader NES, I had the chance to try it out during this past year and liked what I saw. I still have my old NES that was refurbished but I keep that in my storage area with my other consoles.



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