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(I hope it's ok to put this here. I know the gba is not to old. But we don't have a space for it on thus site.)

Anyways- I think I just got a Japanese Yu Gi Oh world wide edition game ( I assume it is. There's alot of asian writting on the front of the cartridge and when I first started it. It also says Konami computer entertainment Japan.) Sorry if this sounds stupid but I saw a little Chinese boy playing one of these games that had simular writing (to me anyways). So I didn't know for sure if they made Chinese ones or if someone got him this Japanese game because of the language settings.

This say's 2003. Some of these are different from the english versions, aren't they? Thank fully there's an english setting, but it doesn't change some of the words before the game begins. I'd like to think that this is a version which we dont have in America. I was kind of neat 5o find this it was in a bag for 5 dollars along with a pokemon gold gbc cartridge.

Anyways..for some reason sometimes when someone was talk (I only checked 2 places) the game showed the back ground but no person. That seemed odd. Anyone ever played this version? Is this a glitch or the way they intended it?

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nope havent played it sorry

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