Topic: I have proof that ET may not be the worse Atari 2600 ever

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Adamant wrote:

Claiming ET is the "worst game ever", or anything among those lines, is just proof that you don't know much about gaming, on the 2600 or elsewhere, and just try to look educated by copying opinions others have posted on the internet.

And yes, Karate is a much worse game than ET. That's undeniable fact. The fact that you didn't even know about the existence of this game until now makes your opinion on which 2600 game is the worst pretty worthless.

I knew about Karate for the Atari 2600 over 10 years and I actually downloaded it when I first heard about it to see how bad it really was! I got sick of people claiming ET is the worst game ever including these forums and I decided to post a video of Karate as a result.

I never thought ET was the worst game a first place before I played Karate. I didn't know ET was called the worst game ever when I was a kid. I thought the worst Atari 2600 game I played growing up was Earthworld: Sword Quest. My younger brother and I bought a lot of Atari 2600 games from flea markets cheap back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. We bought our share terrible Atari 2600 games a result and good Atari 2600 games also from flea markets.

I have no credibility problem with the Atari 2600 a first place. I got hooked on game console gaming from playing Atari 2600 games back in 1988 when I was almost 10 years old. I didn't get hooked on game console gaming sooner because the Intellivision 2's game controllers bothered my hand and my parents thought the Nes was to expensive to buy back in 1988.

I own 132 Atari 2600 games matter of fact and I started buying them back in 1988.

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Well, if someone says they think E.T is the worst game ever, that doesn't make their opinion wrong.



E.T. wasn't the worst game ever, it was just the worst video game failure.
In terms of how good it was to how good it was supposed to be, it failed harder than any game that could actually be considered "the worst ever."

It's like The Adventures of Pluto Nash. The movie wasn't terrible. But it only grossed $7.1 million worldwide, while it had a budget of $100 million, with marketing costs of $20 million, making it the biggest flop in the history of the movie industry.

E.T. was the biggest flop in the history of video games, and helped spur the video game crash of '83.
The notoriety that comes from this is enough to label it the "worst game ever," even if it's technically not.

I could make a game with a dot that can only move 1 pixel at a time in a 1x2 grid, give it to a friend, and that would probably be the worst game ever. But no one even knows the game exists except for me and my friend, so it can hardly be labeled the worst ever, because no one cares.



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