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OK soo lets see if I can get this right...

We are talking in a very old game that I saw (saw but not played) when I was a very young one, it was either a Snes or Nes game (almost 100% sure)

It was a 2d plataform game where I was a cannon / tank with 2 little bazookas on the inferior part of my tank/cannon that shoot small bullets. I think I do recall the ability too upgrade the firepower and also some kind of boss fights in the end of each stage. I do recall one of the very early figths (maybe even the first boss?) was some kind of a train.




Its not this one but thz for the fast answer.

The game I am looking for indeed have a cannon very similar too this one but it have 2 cannons on the inferior part of it. But it have a similar looking tank



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