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Well, I'd like to know the Nintendo Life forums' users opinion about the best and worst minigames. The series pretty much went downhill after Mario Party 6, but there's still are a lot to enjoy in the older installments.

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The worst was the tug-o-war one in the original Mario party. The control sticks worst nightmare!

As for the best ones, I always liked the puzzle ones and the bumper balls ones were fun too.

(Wish I could remember all of the names)

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one on the GC Mario Party(the one with the mic) forgot all about it though.....

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For worst mini games it'd probably either be analogue stick spinning ones (like Tug O War, Pedal Power, Paddle Battle and that other one) or this mini game from Mario Party 5:

What a joke this one is. No skill at all, in a bloody duel mini game.

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I hate that bubbles one in Mario Party 9. No others that come to mind that I remember hating that much.

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My favorite is the one in Mario Party 3 where everyone's breaking blocks scrambling for a mushroom and whoever gets it first has to crush everyone else before the effect wears off. (EDIT: I think it was called Toadstool Titan.) The microphone minigames in Mario Party 6 were brilliant as well, as long as you actually had the microphone accessory—then you could make the tank spew goombas!

As for the worst one, pick a luck minigame that isn't Bowser's Bigger Blast. (That one I'm fine with because it's the only completely luck-based minigame in Mario Party 4, it's a Bowser minigame, and it's devilishly nerve-wracking. 😁)

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SonicBlast wrote:

The worst was the tug-o-war one in the original Mario party. The control sticks worst nightmare!

Nintendo's response was pretty much "you're not playing it right. Do it right or wear this safety glove!"
Did anyone actually take the offer? I'm sure Nintendo said they offered some for free (probably as an attempt to avoid any potential lawsuit) but I don't know if they were branded (and thus collectible?) or just plain gloves.

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