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Not sure if there are any rules about posting about retro classics from currently operating non nintendo companies (seems quite specific!) But...

I've been messing around with the PlayStation classic mini today and while I can't get any other controllers to work as a single controller (dualshock 4, arcade stick) I have found weirdly that plugging in a DS4 to either controller port will allow you to use the left analogue stick. So technically holding the Ds4(plugged into port 2) in your left hand and holding the classic controller (port 1) in your right you can play analogue stick games...

The caveat of course is that you can't use L1, L2 or the d-pad in your left hand.

Also I'm not sure if it is actually analogue movement or if it's just replicating the d-pad.....

Many apologies if this is not the right forum for this, Retro seemed like the appropriate place even though the console is brand new and I think we can post about other non nintendo stuff here...Sega, mame, etc



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