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Does anyone know where I can get Transformers Fall of Cybertron for less than like, 25 bucks?

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Ugh, now I can't access my access my Xbox Live Account at all! Before I could play Singleplayer games at least! Now I have nothing! Hurry up microsoft! I need them to fix this crap so I can play Assassin's Creed II...why the hell did I even buy that for the 360 anyways?

Not that it matters, the only controller I have left barely functions, but that'll be easier to replace than $500+ worth of digital games...

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Just for the heck of it, I decided to play an old copy of Madden 10 we had lying around, and surprisingly, I've been enjoying it.

My first few matches against the computer were pretty spotty (losing then winning, losing then winning, etc.), but I think I've gotten the hang of it, since I've won my last two games (and really ran away with that second one, 35-7).

I don't think it's something I'll really get invested into, & I don't think I'll ever have the urge to upgrade to a newer version, but if my 3DS needs some charging, it's a good way to kill some time.


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I have a very good idea. microsoft please make a usb adapter for 360 wireless controllers the usb could function as a receiver for the controller i think this is a good idea because where you cant buy x360 wired controllers anymore they could get the adapter and play with the adapter plugged into their pc/mac and still use the controller



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Has anyone picked up Titanfall on the 360? I don't have an Xbox One so I was thinking of picking this up on the 360. Are there any real differences between the Xbox One version and the 360?

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May's free games with gold are Dust: An Elysain Tail for the first half of May and Saint's Row the Third for the second half.

I have been wanting to play Dust for awhile now but whenever I had the money it always went to some other game. This is perfect for me. Anyone played Dust before? I have seen some Youtubers play it and it looks pretty interesting.

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Fust is pretty good metroidvaina style game that gets really deep with the combo system.


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Dust is essentially Muramasa 2 (or I guess Odin Sphere 3) from what I saw. That means I will give it money someday and so should you!

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Well July's Free with gold games have been announced for the Xbox 360 which is Gotham City Imposters available the first though the fifteenth and BattleBlock Theater from the sixteenth to the end of July. Not to sure what to think since I have not heard of either of the games till now. I will at least lock them in at the free price though.

Anyone know much about these games?

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