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Anybody around here play Warhammer 40,000? I've been following it for years and I was hoping that some else felt as giddy as I did when I watched the trailer for the new ps3 Space Marine game. Ooh orbital strike

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I did a few years back. I enjoyed it,but was offput by how damn expensive (both in terms of money and time) it was to field a good looking army. As for the trailer, yeah it does look pretty cool.

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I dislike collectible games. Too expensive. I like simple war games like Axis and Allies. Or Diplomacy, if that counts.

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Risk and Stratego are for me.


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Ick, Risk. I have fond memories of it, but after playing many other games since, I can't go back to it. Risk 2210 is okay though. It is always a blast to take over the moon. The game oddly doesn't seem to be as popular as normal Risk though.

My best Risk memory, even topping taking over the entire moon on Turn One of 2210 once, is this project that I unfortunately don't have anymore. I took images of the maps from the Risk CDRom game (also on PS1, I believe) which had many, many more territories and played up to 12 (I think) people, blew them up, and traced them onto poster board. I then spray painted pieces from other Risk sets and had a huge Risk party where we had about 10 of us playing for nearly 10 hours straight with a Chic Fil A party tray to keep our stomaches full.

Of course, we didn't even come close to finishing.

Stratego is a game I like much more, though it's been forever since I've played it. Have you ever played the four-player Ultimate Stratego, or better yet, the Magic the Gathering-inspired Stratego Legends? Both really kick the classic game play up a notch. Awesome games.

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Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


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