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Sat 13th Jun 2009

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You_from_the_Future commented on Review: Mischief Makers (Nintendo 64):

This game is phenomenal, with fun gameplay combined with a weird comedic quirkiness. However, I do remember HATING the "olympic" levels when I was little, simply because it took me forever to win the track events...



You_from_the_Future commented on Review: Dragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy):

This game was, and is still is increadible and the game that got me obsessed with the Dragon Quest series. I got a bunch of my friends hooked and we would constantly battle and breed monsters. It has incredible replay value (although the second one even more so because of the random worlds that the game created. My only beef were wild points, which ultimately made you waste lots of money on meat to tame a monster that wasn't part of you usual team if you wanted to effectively use it,



You_from_the_Future commented on Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen:

Although I'll consider buying this I'll wait and see if they release the 64 game. Person of Lordly Calibur was the only rpg/strategy game that my friends would actually come over and play with me, though mainly because we gave all my unit leaders "unique" names.