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This is the company NADEO's newest creation. NADEO is most well known for the TrackMania franchise, the world's most popular online racing game. This game will basically be an FPS version of TrackMania. So you will be able to create all of the levels, play online with people all over the world, and be able to customize just about every aspect of the game. You can even easily make your own videos of gameplay, as shown in the above video. Here's a link to the website:

This video got me really excited for this game, I was pretty excited when I heard it announced, but now that we have more information about it, I'm really interested in it. I'm not usually that into FPSes, but seeing how much I enjoyed TrackMania, this is bound to be great.

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I've been playing for about a week, I really like Joust (1v1) but most of the servers are still too hard for me.

Open beta in one month for everyone who thinks this is worth trying (it is ).



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