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Ya, I got it for exclusives, too. There was a while where I thought PS3 was better, especially because of bluray, but I found out I like Microsofts exclusives better, and Xbox One's media is better than PS4's, so it was a no brainer for me. Also, Kinect is used more often and Xbox Live tends to have better stabily, from my experience.

Mine's peni...errr... I mean... Kinectless...

As I said above, the Xbox One's exclusive lineup actually does contain more diversity (so far). Welp, I already have it, so I'll be finding out how I like the exclusives firsthand!

Well, it was mainly a comparison to the PS Camera. Xbox One has more camera games than PS4 does, but that doesn't matter to everyone, anyway.


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so what games have you picked or plan too pick up.


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I see you've already been linked to our main Xbone thread, so let's continue this conversation there, please and thank you :3

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