Topic: Lords of the Fallen Unveiled, Coming to E3.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior developer City Interactive has today revealed Lords of the Fallen, an action RPG being led by former The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Senior Producer, Tomasz Gop.

Lords of the Fallen is described as "a demanding and strateguc third-person action RPG experience," and it's being developed for next-generation consoles.

“Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges, where the odds are stacked against them,” said Executive Producer, Gop.

“From the very beginning, Lords of the Fallen will intrigue and satisfy players’ hunger to explore each corner of a brand new world, freely customize and build their own character and take down some of the most epic enemies ever seen.”

It's being unvelled at E3 for next-gen consoles, i love RPG's so well definitely be looking out for this, how about you?

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This sounds great. I will definitely keep my eye on it.

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