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I have owned 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Only one left in my collection is San Andreas. I am just not big on open world sandbox games. I think its overrated in my opinion but at the same time other people are going to think the games I enjoy are overrated. So really its just all preference.



I don't like the games at all

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Like Ive stated before in this thread.... I hate sandbox style games..... Prototype, Infamous, etc it just doesnt appeal to me that much at all. GTAIV just has to be played to be understood and I mean actually play it. I borrowed it from a friend and just drove around doing no good like always and didnt like it. I bought it and actually started playin the game and the story and the game is phenominal.

Chinatown Wars on DS..... its pretty decent too. Im playin thru it now on DS. Ive had it since release and kinda got bored of it but now that im hooked on GTAIV im back playin CTW. The drug selling option of the game (sounds so horrible ) is really really addictive because you constantly want to make higher profits. Its pretty fun with the exception of some of the missions just get really annoying control wise but its an impressive game nonetheless.

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San Andreas is a fantastic game as is Chinatown wars.Those are the only 2 I've played though I'll definetly pick up GTAIV in the future. They are ground breaking games and deserve all the praise that they get IMO ,though I realise that they are not for everyone because of the themes and such. I think they get a bad rep because a lot of younger people play them and take them seriously when in actual fact they poke fun at the whole 'gangster culture' and are actually very funny games. Yes sometimes the missions can be a bit boring but the freedom that your given is just brilliant. I love going to places on the map in GTA SA where I shouldn't be and getting a 5* rating and see how long I can evade the cops for ,great fun. You can just create your own fun if you want and that's what I love ,plus the soundtrack's rock (well not GTA CW so much). So no I don't think they are overrated they push the boundaries as to what a video game can be and for that they should be applauded.

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I agree Luigi78. That is one thing I forgot to throw in there is that the games actually make fun of the gangster life (especially 4). Everyone rants its a wannabe gangster game but its not. With the exception of San Andreas.

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Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

I've played a few games of the series, but I believe the series is seriously overrated, even more so then the Halo franchise.

I totally disagree. I think Halo is totally overrated and GTA just a little bit. But everybody has his own opinion...

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GTA IV and the Lost and the Dammned are easily some of the best games on the market. I understand if people do no like violent games, but for me personally the gta series has never had any effect. I am waiting for the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony add on, the preview video looks great.



GTA IV is extremely overrated, I bought it a couple of months ago because it was 50% off, but seriously, the only good thing about it is being able to buy and play through The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony...

all in all, the GTA series are overrated, they lack even good animations to start with (And even on Xbox 360, the graphics aren't as good as other games)

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