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Anyone know some good deals? My Bro is looking into one. He wanted the Arkam Asylam but can't find it were he lives. Thanks.

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I would check the Best Buy ads every Sunday until you see a good bundle advertised. Every now and then they will have a really good deal such as a PS3 bundled with a game, blu-ray remote control, and extra controller! Lucky Europeans are getting Heavy Rain & God of War 3 PS3 Slim bundles!

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Looks like the 250 GB PS3 is finally available for $350. But it's too bad only the 160GB PS3 has an bundle and it's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, an 2007 game.

Might as well keep hoping for an Gran Turismo 5 PS3 bundle this summer, depending if I had the money, I would buy an PS3 in an heartbeat. Regardless, I'm still getting an Playstation 3.


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