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My code is 2107 0568 2361.

I will add your friend code if you post it in this thread.

I am in Europe myself but lag isn't usually as much of a problem for racing games. Just the time zones to consider!

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You can bet that I'll post my FC once I get the game.



Just got the game! Posting FC when I get it.
Here's mine!
4426 3424 6375

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Did anyone else get this game yet?
I'm opening up a room now if you're interested, Joe.

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Definitely looking for some competition; I'm taking everyone's wii codes down from this thread now:D And I'll try to be on as much as possible on weekends.

Though to be honest, my problem so far with the game hasn't been finding people. Has anyone else experienced constant errors? Sometimes it error's me out of lobbies, other times it'll error me out while a track is loading, and yet even more irritating it'll error me out a few seconds after the race begins. Consistently. Granted, I only got the game today, but I tried for a few hours (while doing other stuff).

I'll keep trying though. And I'll be looking for all you guys online!

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Not constant but I have experienced silly errors like those described, yes.



@KS8 Awesome , you're great, you have to tell me how you race like that. I'm just a n00b .
Thanks for the races, gotta go, hope to race again soon .

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Lol, thanks. Had to leave quickly as well that day. I'm heading online in a few minutes if anyone is interested.



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