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Attention all older gamers! Some of you reading this message are just like me. Your youth consisted of blowing on bottom of cartidges, whether they were for the NES, SNES, or the N64. Your childhood was sans internet cheatsheets so you had to rely on the wit of your schoolmates and the information typed in game magazines on your local retail racks. You have indulged your Nintendo memories by picking up the Wii U.

Because of the above reasons, I invite you to join the Nintendo Wii U Gunslingers!

It is about time that us older gamers formed a clan. There are plenty of obligations and negativity wishing to take up your time in your career, in your personal life, and certainly during your online travels. It doesn't need to be that way. The Gunslingers clan, however existential as it may seem, seek to inject some positivity and even escapism in your daily obligations. Come. Kick your feet up. Decompress. Be merry! Everyone deserves that, and, regardless if you are new to online gaming or a veteran, you will be welcomed by the rest of us. Share in our cheer!

We currently have three Nintendo Wii U Clan fronts:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate
Need for Speed: Most Wanted

*The above list will be edited as updates occur.

Out of respect for the creators of site and their hard work in putting together a community for us, please keep general conversations locally. That said, you are invited to join up with the Nintendo Wii U Gunslingers for all your clan wants and needs! Reply to this thread or private message me if interested.

The Wii U Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.

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Sounds kind of exclusive for a Nintendo-gamer website. As far as I can tell most users here get along just fine, regardless of age. Not to mention possible connotations of making an 'Adult' clan, lols.

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Thanks for the input. That being said, we have been a group for nearly six years and with immense success, so I am not particularly worried. I can't wait to see what the "heavy hitter" Nintendo releases have in store for us fans with online Wii U gameplay.

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by "adult" how old do you mean


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only want Wii U owners? sorry, no can join. having too much fun with my 3ds xl...

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Well, upon visiting our clan's base of operations, it is pretty clear that we have evolved in what genres, platforms, and games we champion based on the changing tastes of our member base. We most certainly have a 3DS front, Mario Kart 7 having the most players, but folks will find that the Wii U will have the most activity as far as our Nintendo sect goes.

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If you'd like to advertise your clan, please feel free to do so via your user signature. Good luck to you!

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