Topic: Fight 2 Win. My Kid Icarus & Mario Kart 7 clan.

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Hello, I've decided to make a KI:U and MK7 Clan. Its called Fight 2 Win, and basically we just play games, chat, and have fun.

If you want to join, reply below with your FC and add me. Then go on your 3DS and put [f2w] in your name. And if you want to invite one of your friends, just tell them to add me and give them my FC.

If you join..i have MK7 Communities!
Fight 2 Win Battle: 20-7575-8421-5043

Fight 2 Win Racing, 150cc: 34-5315-4433-3406

Fight2Win Bombs Only: 67-9463-8989-6320

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I've joined the clan.
Prepare to meet our wrath in KI:U! :3

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Can we do this?
Um.... Sure. I'd love to get friends without throwing myself into the 3DS friend codes thread.
I can really only do KI:U,(I don't feel too good about MK7) so that's something.
I don't have enough room in my name. Can I put it in my message?
FC in my signature, along with my Kid Icarus profile name.
EDIT: Lol I knew it, but I already registered those who posted so...

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