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@Joeynator3000 I wouldn't exactly call them bosses but I think 2 has a place or more where you have to kill tougher enemies before moving on kind of a mid boss I guess.

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Ah well, I may just go with the first one for now since I can get it for free. Maybe I'll get the second one another time.

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Been playing Olliolli Switch Stance. Great game - highly recommend it.

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I cannot decide if I should get World of final fantasy maxima on sale. I've never played final fantasy before (though am planning to get at least FFX/X-2). Would you recommend it? Sale ends tomorrow 😅



How's Rollercoaster Tycoon? Thinking of getting it, currently £24.99 in Argos so might bite the bullet.

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Not sure if anyone is viewing the topic, but its payday and i put some money into my e-shop account. I can get either Mario Kart, Mario odyssey, or both, Bayonetta 1 and FFIX. Help me choose!

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I guess they're kinda very different options. You could get lots of playtime out of FF+Bayo and enjoy their stories, but maybe you just want some racing, or a fun Mario adventure.

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@Morpheel yeah thats the issue as they all sound good, but i only have enough to buy one of those three options.

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Mother 3 fan. It's an amazing game. 糸井さん、こんな素敵なゲームを作ってくれてありがとう!


@Tsuchinoko Mario Kart is a really fun game, I got my switch for Christmas and I still play this game every day, also Mario odyssey is fun as well



If you are into local multiplayer, pick Mario Kart
If you prefer single player, pick Mario Odissey
Bayonetta and FF IX are great games, but the two other games are a must for every swith owner...



Does anyone know if people still play Ultra Street Fighter 2 online? The 30th Anniversary Collection is pretty dead but the netcode for that game is atrocious so it's no surprise.

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Hey I'm looking for some good multiplayer/party games that aren't too expensive ($25 or less) I already have
Mario Party
Mario kart
Jackbox 2-4
I kinda want some that can be easy for a group to get into but that are also kind of dynamic

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@Skitrules I think Rocket League and Runbow would be good choices

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I just got my Switch recently with Smash and Mario Kart. I want to add a more single-player experience to my library. Any suggestions?



GuyWithATV wrote:

I just got my Switch recently with Smash and Mario Kart. I want to add a more single-player experience to my library. Any suggestions?

Stop thinking about it and get Zelda BOTW, please.



Is anyone still playing Brawlout? Was thinking about picking it up in the sale - I know there's been a recent update I just wondered if it was worth it on it's own merits? Apart from the odd game with the kids it'll probably be mostly single player/online I'll be using. Or do I just save my pennies for when I can actually afford Smash?

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@GuyWithATV Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will always be my top pick. BotW is also fantastic.

And I also recommend both DLCs for them. They're both great and will add quite a bit more bang for your buck.

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I'll probably get yelled at with really loud voices but I tried BOTW on Saturday and really didn't like it at all. The graphics were great and the concept seemed great but I just found myself bored after a while. I played for 5 hours straight and all I did was walk around for 5 hours. I beat the first 4 shrines to finally learn more about the game and why I was playing it but I just lost interest quickly. There wasn't enough story to really keep me going. So I did a chat with nintendo asking about a possible refund. I didn't figure I'd get it, but they did! I think they felt pity on me since I lost the Switch for 2 weeks due to a repair. So now I have a $60 credit. We might try Mario Odyssey next. It's probably just me and my family, maybe we just prefer goofier games like MK8D. We've had a good time with that one. Just my 2 cents anyways.



I think you have to give botw a second chance. True no game is for everyone, but botw is a generational title, and speaking for myself, I couldn't get into it at first, but I picked it up a second time and fell in love with it. The beginning plateau area acts like a tutorial. You've just experienced the first few shrines, right? The game has so much to offer.

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Hey guys, looking for a new game to dive into! Hoping for a little help!

Here are the games I have played: Breath Of The Wild, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon 2, Most of the free games.

Here is what I am excited about: Link's Awakening, My Time at Portia, New Pokemon Title, New Pikmin Title, Cuphead.

Here is what I am not really interested in right now: Turn Based battle games, Scrollers (some exceptions), 8-bit games (some exceptions, such as StarDew Valley which I have on my phone), some of the newer mario titles like Mario Kart, Toad's Adventure, etc. I have debated on Mario Odyssey, but not sure if it will scratch my current Itch. I have also debated Let's Go Pikachu, but I am not an avid GO! player and not sure how I would enjoy the whole not battling to catch pokemon and instead just throwing balls at them..

So! That is where I am at! Let me know what you might suggest! Thanks!

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