Topic: switch does not turn on after not using it for 2 months. It does not go further than the nintendo logo. Please help.

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After clicking the power button for some seconds the nintendo logo appears but after than it shuts off again. Did any one else have this problem? Can anyone help me or give me some solutions? As my family does not have that kind of money to buy me another switch and i live in a country where retailers won't help in any way, I don't know what to do. I have tried a lot of things from online like clicking on the buttons for 15-30 seconds but nothing happens.



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But it's still in warranty, ask Nintendo.


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You live in Japan and retailers in motherland of Nintendo won’t help? That’s odd. Even in Croatia we can take broken Switches to our retailers..

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2 months? I don't think I have gone 3 days without using my system.

You said the system will get to the logo and then what? Turn back off? Is it plugged in or are you trying to run off of the battery only? Plug it in and do nothing with it for a few hours, then try again.

If you are still having problem, contact Nintendo directly through their support website, just skip the retailers. They are nothing but sales people, they don't know anything about the Switch.

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it sounds like maybe the battery is dead. has it been on the dockthis whole time, and was it in sleep mode last time you used it or did you power it off? i would try leaving it docked for awhile and see if it comes on. also check the nintendo support site and see if theres any troubleshooting steps you can try to reset it or something

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