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Does the save data for Switch games get saved on the cartridge, like 3DS games, or does the save data still get saved on the console?

I've been hard pressed to find this answer (I apologize if I somehow missed it on this site), but if anyone comes across it could they please link the source they got it from too? I'm curious because my wife and I will both have a switch and are unsure if we can share all our games or may need separate copies for some. Thanks!



I don't think we know yet. For myself at least, I hope save data can be saved on the system and that save data can be backed up on another device or through a cloud-save service.


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I assume that like home consoles, it will be saved either to the Switch's internal memory or SD card, which I really hope is the case as families can share a single cartridge between multiple Switch units.

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We don't know, but I think it will be to the cartridge. At least, that's what the 3DS cartridges do, right?

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Apparently Game Reactor reported that the Carts were read only memory, so I guess the save data's goig on the console.

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Hey I got a Nintendo switch, it broke so I got another, I've killed 2 Devine beasts on the breath of the wild and was sad to find that my save data wasn't on the game... I've called customer support and they can't do anything about that.



At this time your saved game data resides in system memory and can not be backed up to the micro sd card. As I understand it saved game data can be transferred to another console or retrieved from your Cloud
Storage. Not being able to back up saved game data to a micro sd card or other remote back up options is a major drawback compared to other two major gaming systems.



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