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Doing my initial setup for my Switch, and things were going smoothly until this happened.

Picks up every router signal in the neighborhood... except ours. All of our other electronics (3DS, PS3, 360, Samsung laptop & tablets, and other off brand smartphones & tablets) don't have an issue, but as far as the Switch is concerned our router simply doesn't exist.

I've tried re-searching multiple times, and even tried manually entering it's info, but to no avail.

Any ideas?


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@RR529 I had this issue myself. I had to go into my routers settings and change the security type it was using. It turned out the router was using a security type called WPA - TKIP which the Switch doesn't accept, even though my Wii U and every other device I have did. So I accessed the routers settings, changed the security type to a Switch friendly one, WPA 2 - AES I think it was and then thankfully my router appeared in the connections list. If it doesn't show automatically, you might need manually change the Switch security settings to match the routers.

It could be something different that's preventing yours from showing up but it's worth checking. First thing to do is get into your router settings. To do that, just type your IP address into your browser search bar and it should take you to your routers log in page. Once in you should find the security type settings easy enough but be careful not to change anything else.

Also, if you do end up changing the security type, every other device you have will need to be reconnected again.

Hope this works for you.

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I had a similar problem with my Wii U a couple years ago. Picked up every router in town, but mine. Even though I could connect several other devices without a problem.

I unplugged the router from the wall (physically, removed the plug from the wall) waited 10 minutes, reconnected and rebooted the router, and did the same for the Wii U, and it fixed the issue.

To this day I don't understand it, but that worked when nothing else would.

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Thanks for the replies!

It was the issue that @OorWullie mentioned but after calling Nintendo customer support they sorted it out (they were able to remotely control our computer and change the settings themselves!).

Luckily, all of our other devices have stayed connected after the switch.


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You let somebody, trusted source or not remotely control your PC, not something I’d allow, but it’s good you got it sorted, enjoy your Switch.😬

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