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I kind of regret buying all physical releases for the Nintendo Switch. I've saved a bunch of money, but I'm at the point where the convenience of switching between games outweighs the savings of $5-$10 per game. With that being said, if I sold all of my physical copies and were to buy digital, would all of my save files for the physical games still work on the digital versions?




@hotairballoons It would work because save files for physical Switch games are on the Switch's internal memory, not on the cartridge.


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The save data for Switch is written inside Switch's internal Memory, not onto the cart.

But, in my opinion, playing the games with Physical copy is Safer than digital download. It's not about convenience, it's about their existence. For me as gamer and collector, I wanna play games with Real things that I can touch it, feel it. I don't really like digital download because I don't feel I own the game. Anyway, it just my opinion.

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@Anti-Matter I’ve honestly been feeling torn about it, and not entirely sure if I’m going to go through with it. I only own BOTW, Mario Kart and Cave Story+ right now, and looking at those games on my shelf gives me a sense of accomplishment



@hotairballoons As a person who strictly purchases physical copies of his games, I can warn you that if there's a problem with your Switch - be it theft or damage - you can lose your entire collection when digital-only.

Lots of people seem to have chosen physical with the Switch, since there are many downfalls, take the lack of sufficient internal storage for instance. I wouldn't sacrifice basic ownership and assurance for that little bit of convenience.

And as a collector I agree; games look nice on the shelf.

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Physical is cheaper too in most instances, and you don't have to worry about SD cards.



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