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Hi guys,

This is a Shmup called “BLACK BIRD” for Nintendo Switch/Steam made by Japanese indie game developer.
It’s quite popular in Japan, but not other countries, so I want you guys to play it!
It has a quite unique gameplay, amazing pixel art, and music.

If you guys love shmups, just play it! You won’t regret it.
And if you love it, recommend it to your friends.



This is a great little game with some interesting mechanics I've still not figured out. The music and aesthetic are like little else I've seen in the genre, really unusual and original and eerie but also playful; it's a very good Halloween kind of game, actually.

It's the core gameplay which has kept me coming back, though, and trying to figure out the best approach. If you score quickly and clear the key enemies, you get a bigger bonus at the end of the stage but if you farm enemies and get more green gems, you will become more powered up (and I love how this progression works, no spoilers). As I say, still figuring it out but it's quality. It deserves to do well.



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