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Just play them in order, the weapons their scrolls are usually in the harder missions anyway.

If you want Master Seals to promote your characters asap, Lyn's and Celica's maps have loads of them relatively early into the maps.

And if you have the DLC maps, each one has one Master Seal, and you only need to beat one level 10~ mission and then a level 20~ mission for each one, so they're ridiculously easy to get.

So that's 9 easy seals. You don't need to use them on the DLC characters if you don't want to, each character gets one in the end anyway.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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To be honest if you want to start the game off in hard mode with everyone level 1 and then do lunatic mode like me for the extra mementos, then I recommend fast attacking characters like Corrin or Lianna with Lianna being your starting character due to her attack speed.

The art of playing on hard mode is continuously attacking foes without being hit, for something like this you can get away with using Cordelia despite her having a relatively low attack rate because of the large aoes of her attacks. That said regular enemies who are her weakness can one shot her when she is at a low level.

Save special attacks for foes about to attack you and save awakening for multiple special units.

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Can anyone help me by sending me the game cover so I can print it?

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With the advent of WO4’s release, I do have to say FEW is still my most-played game on Switch.

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