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Lately, I've been seeing alot of Switch upcoming games in a flurry and rash of announcements. I think this bodes well for Switch and new Switch buyers. What with the twitter twittering Switch games coming from indies and brand developers ia something I definitely like.



I think the Switch is one of the most attractive Nintendo consoles to buy in its 3rd year. Between all the outstanding games we've gotten over the last 2 years and the amazing list of games coming this year and next, there is a big pile of great titles to pick from. Even the most argent of haters have had to switch (pun fully intended) from "Switch has no games" to "Switch lacks 3rd party AAA games!". More often they have even given up on that complaint.

Counting Demos I have 96 icons on my Switch right now, around 70ish of which are games.

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With Sony and MS winding down the PS4 and Xbox One respectively, 2019 is Nintendo's to lose. Animal Crossing and Pokemon Shield/Sword will both sell 10 million+ units and sell enough Switches to become the #1 console in Japan and overtake the Xbox One to be #2 in North America. The floodgates will open and third party support will ramp up.

The Switch will remain in that goldilocks zone until PS5 and Xbox Scarlet arrive.

Then Nintendo pulls the trigger on Switch Pro / Switch Lite.

The console market will be great all around as the big three each shine.

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Could be a great year I need solid FPS though.



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