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It will be released on spring

It will finally arrive. The independent editor XSEED has announded that the will be releasing Pandora's Tower in America after making a distribution agreement with Nintendo, which have the rights of the title but declines to release it.

The action RPG game developed by Gambareon and produced by Nintendo arrived to fill the Wii catalogue with "cruel and adult stories". Nintendo of Europe released it in 2012 but Nintendo of America refused to release it.

Then, XSEED started negotiating with NoA to publish this game (along with The Last Story). Their ambitions was going well when The Last Story became the best-selling game of this company and they will try again with Pandora's Tower. However, now it will face the Wii's "oblivion" due to its next-generation console, the Wii U.

The president and director of XSEED has thanked the fans that have waited for a long time for a game like this. XSEED hasn't confirmed the publication format yet, but its company has the habit of releasing special editions to encourage gamers to buy the original copy.

Source: REVOGamers (Spanish):

What do you think about this?
(I'm European so I don't mind, but I'm glad that you Americans are finally getting this)

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We want Kirby Dream Collection in Europe!

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Yep, we know. Please feel free to join the discussion :3

future of NL >:3
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